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ViTAC Team

Justin McAllister

Justin McAllister has transitioned from a distinguished military career to the business world, manifesting a legacy of relentless growth, adaptability, and entrepreneurship. As the proud owner and principal consultant of Grey Group, LLC, a management and small business consulting firm dedicated to driving growth and profitability, he's proven his prowess in the corporate realm. Additionally, as the COO of Applied Technology Solutions, LLC, he's behind a custom tech-based solutions provider.

Justin has ventured far and wide after his military service, diversifying his portfolio. He's invested in promising sectors such as e-commerce, technology, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), pet services, and the beverage industry........

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Lindsey Meringer

Lindsey Meringer embodies the essence of entrepreneurial vigor and relentless pursuit of growth. Born on January 3, 1983, in the small farm town of Southold, NY, Lindsey has transformed his journey from Special Forces to a multifaceted business leader, all while keeping his roots and values intact.

Lindsey's business pursuits, in partnership with his wife, Amanda Schneider, reflect a combination of innovation, dedication, and strategic foresight. Since 2016, their real estate investment company has grown to include 14 properties between Colorado and Pennsylvania. Leveraging Lindsey's background in construction, they expanded their portfolio to include furnished short to medium-term rentals and AirBnBs.......

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Sterling Seizert

Sterling Seizert has built an impressive legacy that marries military precision with entrepreneurial vision. His journey from serving the country to building businesses that serve communities showcases a unique blend of dedication, skill, and ambition.

After his distinguished service, Sterling channeled his passion into the world of real estate and business. Starting with an 18-unit apartment complex in Colorado Springs, he and his wife, Rebecca, navigated the nuances of real estate, capitalizing on opportunities and gaps in the market.......

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Paul Loos

Paul Loos is an accomplished Special Forces Medical Sergeant and medical educator with an extensive background in developing and instructing advanced medical training programs for Special Operations Forces. He currently serves as the NCOIC at the Non-Standard Medical Detachment in Fort Bragg, where he oversees the Special Operations Forces Austere Care Course and the Regional Support Medic programs.

Paul's leadership is evident in his ability to manage both government and civilian entities in dynamic training environments, while ensuring medical course syllabi remain relevant and effective for diverse active-duty student populations.....

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Valerie Lavin

Valerie Ellis Lavin is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and military advocate whose unwavering dedication has been pivotal in driving transformational change across various sectors. With an exceptional blend of leadership, community engagement, and entrepreneurial acumen, Valerie's career spans nonprofit, for-profit, and the military, consistently leaving a lasting impact on organizations and individuals she serves.

Valerie's journey has been marked by a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship among military veterans and their family members inspiring them to succeed post service through small business ownership....

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Jeremy Lavin

Jeremy Lavin is an accomplished executive with a proven track record of strategic leadership and operational excellence across a diverse range of industries. As a visionary Chief Operating Officer at Luminary Global, based in Saint Petersburg, FL, Jeremy has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive growth, establish efficient operational frameworks, and foster a culture of success.

With over a decade of experience in executive management and business development, Jeremy has led Luminary Global since February 2017, navigating the company to unprecedented success. He is revered for his expertise in financial management, human resources, business development, and strategic planning......

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