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Sterling Seizert

Sterling Seizert has built an impressive legacy that marries military precision with entrepreneurial vision. His journey from serving the country to building businesses that serve communities showcases a unique blend of dedication, skill, and ambition.

After his distinguished service, Sterling channeled his passion into the world of real estate and business. Starting with an 18-unit apartment complex in Colorado Springs, he and his wife, Rebecca, navigated the nuances of real estate, capitalizing on opportunities and gaps in the market. This passion for investment and enterprise led to the creation of two significant ventures: Legends Lodge, a short-term rental housing solution, and Patriot Capital, dedicated to acquiring multifamily properties. Through strategic partnerships and a keen business acumen, Sterling and his partners now operate eight self-storage facilities. These endeavors, serving over 3,100 clients and valued at $58,000,000, underscore Sterling's business planning, deal structuring, and operations scaling prowess.


Sterling's commitment to excellence isn't just limited to his entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the last decade, he's amassed significant knowledge in the business world. His zeal to create value is evident, whether for his partners, customers, or family. He envisions his legacy as one that centers on building businesses that provide financial growth and make a positive impact.

Beyond his professional trajectory, Sterling's personal life resonates with a commitment to family and community. Residing in Ponte Vedra, FL, with his wife and two daughters, Sydney and Nora, his life is driven by meaningful relationships and shared dreams.

However, Sterling's story is also enriched by his years of service. Completing the Special Forces Qualification Course, he showcased his commitment and expertise in various capacities, from the Senior Communications Sergeant then the Intelligence Sergeant of ODA 0211 in Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group to serving as the Special Operation Forces Liaison Element at the U.S. Embassy in Niger. These roles took him to several locations globally, further enhancing his adaptability and understanding of diverse environments. His eventual transition from military service to a technical exploitation instructor role at Florida International University indicates a continuous pursuit of growth and learning.