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Paul Loos


Paul Loos Bio 

Paul Loos is an accomplished Special Forces Medical Sergeant and medical educator with an extensive background in developing and instructing advanced medical training programs for Special Operations Forces. In his last assignment prior to retirement, he served as the NCOIC at the Non-Standard Medical Detachment in Fort Bragg, where he oversaw the Special Operations Forces Austere Care Course and the advanced Regional Support Medic programs. Paul's leadership is evident in his ability to manage both government and civilian entities in dynamic training environments, while ensuring medical course syllabi remain relevant and effective for diverse active-duty student populations. 

Paul's commitment to improving SOF medical training is further showcased by his former role as the Chief Instructor for the Special Forces Medical Sergeant Skills Sustainment Course, a program he founded, and for which he wrote the original curriculum. 


His international experience is notable. Paul trained, advised, and assisted forces in Niger in counterinsurgency operations and played an instrumental role in preparing forces in Southern Niger to defend against Boko Haram. He also mentored Romanian Special Operations forces, underscoring his expertise in multi-national collaborations. His additional deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq gave him valuable experiences in treating combat casualties first-hand. 

A proud graduate of the 18 Delta Qualification course from the US Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School, Paul's medical expertise spans from surgical procedures to anesthesia, making him a versatile medical professional. His time as a Senior Special Forces Medical Sergeant with the 10th Special Forces Group provided him with invaluable on-the-ground experience in training and collaboration with international partner forces. 

Beyond his practical experience, Paul is an avid contributor to the field of military medicine. He's authored numerous journal publications, ranging from topics on prolonged field care to traumatic brain injury management. Furthermore, Paul is at the forefront of the digital age of medical education and communication, being the founder and editor-in-chief of the Prolonged Field Care website and maintaining an active online presence with tens of thousands of followers across social media platforms. 

Paul's dedication to the field has earned him several honors, including the prestigious "Medic of the Year" by the Special Operations Medical Association and "Special Forces Medic of the Year" by USASOC. 

With a career steeped in both hands-on medical service and academic contributions, Paul Loos embodies the spirit of commitment, expertise, and innovation in the field of Special Operations medical training and practice.