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Valerie Lavin

Valerie Ellis Lavin is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and military advocate whose unwavering dedication has been pivotal in driving transformational change across various sectors. With an exceptional blend of leadership, community engagement, and entrepreneurial acumen, Valerie's career spans nonprofit, for-profit, and the military, consistently leaving a lasting impact on organizations and individuals she serves. 

Valerie's journey has been marked by a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship among military veterans and their family members inspiring them to succeed post service through small business ownership. She is the Co-Founder and an esteemed member of the Board of Directors of Action Zone, INC., a pioneering nonprofit organization based in Tampa, FL. Valerie's visionary leadership has been instrumental in creating and implementing the first-ever non-profit program for Veteran Florida’s Entrepreneurship Training, securing over $173,000 in state awarded grant funds. Through her leadership, Action Zone has trained over 140 veterans, generating an impressive $18,370,752 in sales, and creating over 480 full-time and 113 part-time jobs between 2018 and 2022. 


As Director of Ecosystem Development and Ambassador Program at Bunker Labs, Valerie has displayed unparalleled dedication to the success of 19 markets within the Eastern Region. Through her strategic guidance and leadership, 38 volunteer Ambassadors and their communities have thrived, inspiring, equipping, and connecting veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs. While at Bunker Labs, Valerie's commitment to community-building has resulted in the successful execution of over 45 in-person and virtual events, fostering entrepreneurial growth and collaboration. 

Valerie's passion for veteran entrepreneurship extends to her role as CEO and Founder of Luminary Global, where she steers the company's overall strategy and mission. With a focus on achieving and surpassing sales, profitability, and business goals, Valerie has solidified her reputation as a dynamic business leader being recognized twice as Business Woman of the Year finalist for both Tampa Bay Business and Wealth Magazine and Tampa Bay Business Journal. 

Valerie's impressive military background further defines her career. Over the course of 21 years in the U.S. Army, she held positions ranging from Operations Manager to Intelligence Advisor, making significant contributions to national strategic objectives. Throughout her military service, Valerie was recognized with esteemed awards such as the Bronze Star Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and numerous other commendations. 

Valerie's community involvement is equally remarkable. She has been honored with awards like the Veterans of Foreign Affairs #StillServing Honoree and the Gasparilla Community Hero Award. Her dedication to empowering veterans is evident in her advisory roles for organizations like Project Transition USA, and her leadership in various chambers of commerce and veterans' organizations. 

Valerie holds a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Hillsborough Community College and is certified as a CoStarter Facilitator and Ice House Entrepreneur Program Facilitator. 

As a dynamic force for change, Valerie Ellis Lavin's leadership, entrepreneurship, and tireless commitment to empowering others underscore her position as a transformative figure in the fields of business, military advocacy, and community engagement.