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Justin McAllister

Justin McAllister has transitioned from a distinguished military career to the business world, manifesting a legacy of relentless growth, adaptability, and entrepreneurship. As the proud owner and principal consultant of Grey Group, LLC, a management and small business consulting firm dedicated to driving growth and profitability, he's proven his prowess in the corporate realm.

Justin has ventured far and wide after his military service, diversifying his portfolio. He's invested in promising sectors such as e-commerce, technology, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), pet services, and the beverage industry. Through these endeavors, he's demonstrated how military-honed skills like leadership, strategic planning, and critical thinking can find powerful applications in the business world.


His areas of expertise encompass strategic planning, operations management, project management, intelligence analysis, and leadership. They are complemented by personal interests that underscore his commitment to continual learning, mentorship, and growth. Justin's professional journey is one that celebrates constant adaptation. Ever the problem-solver, he's always ready to tackle new challenges, ensuring his businesses operate with integrity, discipline, and resilience.

 Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Justin's life centers around his family. Married to Wendy for 18 years and father to a 17-year-old son, Andre, the family remains his touchstone. It serves as a testament to his resilience, adaptability, and the premium he places on unity and strength. Growing up as an Army brat, his experiences from then continue to influence the importance he attaches to family and community.

However, Justin's story wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the two decades he dedicated to the U.S. Army. His service, marked by roles such as an All-Source Intelligence Analyst and key positions on the SFODA 0221, took him to global hotspots, including Iraq, Afghanistan, East Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. While he retired from SOCCENT at MacDill AFB in 2021, his military discipline and commitment remain evident in every venture he undertakes. Today, he proudly calls Tampa, FL home.