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Lindsey Meringer


Lindsey Meringer embodies the essence of entrepreneurial vigor and relentless pursuit of growth. Born on January 3, 1983, in the small farm town of Southold, NY, Lindsey has transformed his journey from Special Forces to a multifaceted business leader, all while keeping his roots and values intact. 

Lindsey's business pursuits, in partnership with his wife, Amanda Schneider, reflect a combination of innovation, dedication, and strategic foresight. Since 2016, their real estate investment company has grown to include 14 properties between Colorado and Pennsylvania. Leveraging Lindsey's background in construction, they expanded their portfolio to include furnished short to medium-term rentals and AirBnBs. The launch of EasyBnB, an AirBnB management company in collaboration with fellow investors Max and Carolin Weiss, underscores Lindsey's ability to adapt to market trends. With EasyBnB achieving over $1 million in gross annual sales, Lindsey's vision for growth knows no bounds. 


But Lindsey and Amanda's businesses don't stop at real estate. Their entrepreneurial portfolio encompasses Amanda's agent business, AMALIN Investments, Drover Inc LLC (Contracting), AMALIN Shipping (an E-Commerce FBA company), and RevnuHacks, a joint venture with fellow retired Green Berets. Lindsey's ambition is immense, as he plans to enter the larger multi-family space and explore Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA), all aiming toward substantial growth and lasting success. 

The heart of Lindsey's success lies in his passion for business and a deep understanding of growth and community engagement. Living in Colorado Springs with Amanda and their Blue Heeler, Drover, Lindsey's life is a testament to a seamless transition, entrepreneurial acumen, and genuine commitment to those around him. 

Lindsey's professional journey is also enriched by a significant military career. After completing the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) in 2012, he was assigned to Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). His nearly 9-year tenure was marked by service as the Senior Communications Sergeant and Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant, with deployments across Africa, Afghanistan, and Ukraine. Lindsey's selection as the Special Operation Forces Liaison Element at the U.S. Embassy and earning the Bronze Star in RSM V adds to his decorated military record. His medical retirement in July 2021 closed a chapter of dedication and expertise that set the foundation for his subsequent business pursuits.