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Brothers for Life

Adventure, Camaraderie, and a Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Green Berets Turned Entrepreneurs


Meet the minds behind ViTAC – four brothers-in-arms, former U.S. Special Forces Soldiers (Green Berets), who connected on a level beyond their duty while stationed at Fort Carson with 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), located in the adventurous terrains of Colorado Springs, CO.

With a combined 40+ years of SOF (Special Operations Forces) experience, these warriors have not only mastered the battlefield but also understand the essence of the fundamental challenges people face every day. They've tackled rigorous training exercises and combat deployments in some of the harshest environments across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Badge of Honor

What really unites ViTAC is more than their badges and battle scars, it's their shared love for adventure, camaraderie, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. A love that transcends their military roles and now fuels their entrepreneurial journey.

This isn't just a company. It's a testament to resilience, a badge of honor, and a promise to deliver the very best to those who know what it means to lead, to overcome, and to thrive. Dive into your next adventure with ViTAC, where we resonate with your spirit of adventure and ensure you have the tactical aid gear to back you up.

Started As An Inside Joke – A Philosophy Rooted in Reality

“Safety Third”

At ViTAC, we draw inspiration from the ethos of Special Forces Operators where the mission drives purpose, security ensures success, and safety, though essential, doesn't lead the charge. Just think about it: in life's most thrilling pursuits, whether it's that adrenaline-pumping mountain trek or teaching a child to ride a bike, we dive into the experience first, and then factor in safety.

We believe in fully embracing adventure, while ensuring you're equipped with the best when safety becomes paramount. "Safety Third" isn't about devaluing protection; it's about acknowledging reality, prioritizing experiences, and still being exceptionally prepared when it matters most.

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