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ViTAC Vehicle Plus Trauma Kit

by ViTAC
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Enhance your ability to respond effectively in critical situations with the ViTAC Vehicle Plus Trauma Kit, expertly assembled by US Army Special Forces Medics. This kit is specifically designed for trauma readiness, transforming you from a bystander to a capable responder in the event of a roadside accident.

  • Special Forces Curated - Developed with the expertise of US Army Special Forces Medics, ensuring professional-grade quality in trauma care.
  • Trauma-Ready Components - Equipped with specialized tools for handling severe trauma, including major wounds and heavy bleeding, common in roadside accidents.
  • Empowers Effective Response - Transforms any individual from a bystander to an active responder in critical situations, enabling life-saving interventions.
  • Easy-to-Use in Emergencies - Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use, even under high-pressure conditions, ensuring quick and effective care.
  • Comprehensive Emergency Solution - Provides a wide array of medical supplies, from tourniquets to hemostatic agents, for a complete response to various trauma scenarios.
  • Essential for Every Vehicle - A crucial kit for all drivers and passengers, offering peace of mind and preparedness for potentially life-threatening roadside emergencies.
        Curated by Experts

        Special Forces Medics

        HSA/FSA Approved
        US Sourced

        Assembled in USA


        Military, First Responders

        Although this kit is equipped with all the basic first aid items anyone needs on the road from motion sickness treatment to bandages to hydrocortisone cream, it’s focused on addressing severe trauma scenarios, the kit is equipped with trauma-ready tools and supplies, making it indispensable in emergencies where serious injuries, such as major wounds and heavy bleeding, may occur. This emphasis on trauma care means you can provide crucial assistance when encountering an accident, rather than feeling helpless.

        Each component in the ViTAC Vehicle Plus Trauma Kit is chosen for its quality, simplicity of use, and life-saving potential. It empowers drivers and passengers with the ability to act swiftly and efficiently in life-threatening situations, leveraging the knowledge and experience of Special Forces medics.

        This kit goes beyond ordinary first aid supplies; it's a vital addition to your vehicle, providing not just tools, but confidence and the capability to make a significant difference in emergency situations. The ViTAC Vehicle Plus Trauma Kit is your assurance of being prepared to handle the most serious roadside emergencies.



        CAT Tourniquet NSN# 651501-521-7976 (1)
        QuikClot 4” x 4” Hemostatic Dressing (3)
        Compressed Gauze 4.5" x 4.1 yds (1)
        Sponge Gauze 4" x 4" (2/pk) (2)
        1" x 3" Flexible Fabric Bandage Strip (30)
        Steri-Strips Pack of 3 (3)
        Liquid Skin (1)
        Non-Adhering Gauze pads 3"x4" (4)
        2" x 4 1/2" Bandages (10)
        Conforming Gauze 4" x 4.1 yds (2)
        View Guard Transparent Dressing 2.375" x 2.75" (2)



        Hyfin Chest Seal Twinpack Compact (1)
        Airway Nasopharyngeal (1)
        Lubricant Jelly (1)
        CPR Face Shield (1)



        24" Flat Splint (1)
        4" Elastic Bandage (1)
        Nitrile Gloves Pair Large (2)
        Athletic Tape 1.5" x 15yds (1)
        Cravat Triangle Bandage 40" x40"x56" (2)
        Castille Soap Towelettes 5" x 7" (20)
        Wipe After Bite (8)



        Seatbelt Cutter/Window Punch (1)
        Headlamp (1)
        12 Hour Light Stick Red (2)
        EMT Shears 7.25" (1)

        Topical OTC.png__PID:2b72cfae-5310-4e94-80c7-537a9f1d3e8b


        Tylenol 2 Pack (4)
        Pain Reliever 2 Pack (4)
        Benadryl 2 Pack (4)
        Bismuth Single Tablet (8)
        Imodium Single Tablet (8)
        Medi-Meclizine Anti-Nausea Tablets 2 Pack (4)


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        Customer Reviews

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        Joel Nieves
        Perfect kit for your vehicle!

        I drive long distances on the daily and always thought I should get a kit for my vehicle. What is provided in this kit is more than what I expected and highly recommend it to anyone!