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ViTAC Minimalist Adventurer First Aid Kit

by ViTAC
Color: Black

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Step into the wild with the ViTAC Minimalist Adventurer FAK, expertly designed by US Army Special Forces Medics for maximum preparedness with minimal load. This kit embodies the ethos of 'less is more', packing essential medical supplies without weighing you down. Ideal for adventurers who prioritize agility and efficiency, it's a lightweight yet comprehensive solution for a range of outdoor scenarios, from high-altitude hikes to off-the-grid camping.

Each item in the kit is a vital necessity, chosen for its reliability in critical situations, ensuring you're equipped for the unexpected while keeping your pack light. With the ViTAC Minimalist Adventurer FAK, you're carrying not just a kit, but a promise of safety and preparedness for whatever lies ahead, all without the burden of excess gear.

  • Special Forces Medics' Expertise: Assembled with the knowledge of Special Forces Medics, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability in every piece of equipment.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Design: Specifically designed for minimal weight impact, making it ideal for long treks and expeditions where every ounce counts.
  • Essential Medical Supplies Included: Carefully selected essentials to handle a variety of emergencies, ensuring you have exactly what you need without unnecessary extras.
  • Adaptable for Various Outdoor Activities: Whether you're hiking, camping, or exploring remote areas, this kit is versatile enough to meet your medical needs in different environments.
  • Compact and Space-Efficient: Easy to pack and carry, fitting seamlessly into small spaces in your backpack or travel gear.
  • Peace of Mind on the Go: Provides a sense of security knowing you're well-prepared for unexpected situations, allowing you to focus on enjoying your adventure.

Product Specifications: Height: 5 in., Width: 7 in., Depth: 2 in., Weight: 1.75 lbs., Number of Pieces: 89

What's Inside


View Guard Transparent Dressing 2.375" x 2.75" (2)
Steri Strips Pack of 3 (3)
Liquid Skin (1)
1" x 3" Fabric Strip (20)
Bandages Strip 2" x 4 1/2" (5)
Non-Adhering Gauze Pads 3"x4" (2)
Waterproof Band-Aids (10)


Mini Scissors (1)
Athletic Tape 1.5" x 15yds (1)
Tweezers Stainless Steel 4.75" (1)
Safety Pins (5)
Moleskin Sheets 2" x 4" (2)
4" Elastic Bandage (1)
AquaTabs Water Treatment Tablets Pack of 10 (1)
Drip Drop Hydration Packs (1)


Hydrocortisone Cream (2)
Triple Antibiotic (4)
Tylenol Pack of 2 (2)
Pain Reliever Pack of 2 (2)
Benadryl Pack of 2 (2)
Bismuth Single Tablet (4)
Imodium Single Tablet (4)
Castille Soap Towelettes 5" x 7" (9)
Wipe After Bite (4)

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