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ViTAC Fanny FAK On-the-go First Aid Kit

by ViTAC
Color: Black

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The ViTAC Fanny FAK, is a compact and lightweight first aid kit thoughtfully designed by Special Forces Medics for the active adventurer. This kit, housed in a convenient fanny pack, is your ultimate companion for on-the-go exploration, combining essential safety with practicality.

  • Special Forces Medic Design - Crafted with the expertise of Special Forces Medics, ensuring each item meets rigorous outdoor medical standards.
  • Grab and Go Convenience - Easily portable, allowing you to carry essential medical supplies plus personal items like keys, phone, and ID in one convenient pack.
  • Ideal for Light Travelers - Perfect for adventurers who prefer to move swiftly and lightly without compromising on safety.
  • Versatile for Various Adventures - Suitable for a range of outdoor activities, from hiking and trail running to rock climbing and day trips.
  • Essential, Reliable Supplies - Contains key first aid items selected for their functionality and dependability in outdoor scenarios.
  • Simplifies Outdoor Preparedness - Combines safety with convenience, providing peace of mind and readiness for the on-the-go adventurer.
        Curated by Experts

        Special Forces Medics

        HSA/FSA Approved
        US Sourced

        Assembled in USA


        Military, First Responders

        Perfect for the adventurer who prefers to travel light, this kit doesn’t just carry medical supplies - it also has space for your keys, phone, and ID, ensuring you have all your critical items in one place. Whether you're scaling cliffs, discovering hidden trails, or enjoying a day hike, the ViTAC Fanny FAK ensures you're prepared without the burden of a heavy pack.

        Each component in the kit is meticulously selected for its essential utility and dependable performance, in line with elite military standards. The ViTAC Fanny FAK prioritizes both functionality and ease of use, giving you the confidence to fully engage with your surroundings. This kit isn't just about safety; it’s about enhancing your adventure experience, ensuring you're equipped and ready for any challenge or opportunity that nature presents.



        QuikClot 4’ x 4” Hemostatic Dressing – (1)
        Conforming Gauze 4" x 4.1 yds – (1)
        Sponge Gauze 4" x 4" (2/pk) (1)
        View Guard Transparent Dressing 2.375" x 2.75" (2)
        1" x 3" Fabric Bandage Strips – (20)
        Bandage Strips 2" x 4 1/2" - (5)
        Non-Adhering Gauze Pads 3"x4" – (4)
        Waterproof Bandages – (10)
        Steri-Strips Pack of 3 – (3)
        Liquid Skin – (1)



        Athletic Tape 1.5" x 15yds – (1)
        Tweezers Stainless Steel 4.75" – (1)
        Safety Pins – (5)
        Mini Scissors – (1)
        Moleskin Sheet 4" x 4" – (4)
        Nitrile Gloves Pair Large – (1)
        4" Elastic Bandage – (1)
        Castille Soap Towelettes 5" x 7" (12)
        Wipe After Bite - (4)
        Drip Drop ORS Hydration Packet – (1)
        Water Treatment Hydration Tablets Pack of 10 – (1)

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        Hydrocortisone Cream Packets – (2)
        Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets – (4)
        Tylenol 2 Pack – (2)
        Pain Reliever 2 Pack – (2)
        Benadryl 2 Pack – (2)
        Bismuth Single Tablet – (4)
        Imodium Single Tablet – (4)


        At ViTAC, we don't just sell products, we deliver promises. With unwavering confidence in the caliber of what we craft, we proudly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, our product doesn't resonate with your expectations, we're here to make it right. Standing tall by our product's quality and our brand's integrity, we're committed to ensuring your experience with us reflects the core pillars that define ViTAC: credibility, an unparalleled customer journey, unmatched quality, and a culture deeply rooted in adventure and trust. Your satisfaction isn't just our goal—it's our guarantee.

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