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ViTAC Everyday Carry (EDC) Trauma Kit

by ViTAC
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Maximize your daily preparedness with the ViTAC Everyday Carry (EDC) First Aid Kit (FAK), carefully crafted by US Army Special Forces Medics. Combining military-grade medical expertise with practicality, it's perfect for firearm-carrying citizens and a necessary addition to any vehicle.

This compact yet comprehensive kit is designed to handle various emergencies, with a focus on firearm-related incidents. Each item is deliberately chosen for its functionality, ease of use, and reliability, guaranteeing readiness for any situation.

The ViTAC EDC FAK is more than just a first aid kit; it's an essential safety tool for responsible firearm carriers, providing peace of mind and preparedness for any roadside emergency, backed by the expertise of Special Forces medics.

Specifically designed for concealed carry permit holders. Tailored to meet the unique first aid needs of concealed carry permit holders, promoting safety and responsibility.

Product Specifications: Height: 6.5 in., Width: 5in, Depth: 3.5 in. Weight: 2 lbs.



CAT Tourniquet NSN# 651501-521-7976 (1)
QuikClot Combat Gauze (1)
Compressed Gauze 4.5" x 4.1 yds (2)



Hyfin Chest Seal Twinpack Compact (1)
4" Elastic Bandage (1)
Nitrile Gloves Pair Large (1)


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