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Israeli Bandage 4″ - Pack of 2

by ViTAC
SKU 403

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A preferred choice of U.S. Special Forces for hemorrhage control in tactical environments, the 4" Israeli Emergency Bandage is an innovative, combat-proven emergency first aid bandage for pre-hospital emergency situations and first responders.

The Israeli Emergency Bandage is an effective, multi-functional treatment for professional and non-professional caregivers to control traumatic bleeding and save lives when every second counts. The all-in-one solution combines multiple first aid applications, including primary dressing, pressure applicator, secondary dressing, and foolproof closure apparatus to secure the bandage in place.

  • Internationally patented, FDA-approved modular bandage
  • Quick, easy, and convenient for one-handed or self-application
  • A sterile, non-adherent pad effectively applies direct pressure to any site
  • Additional tourniquet application to further constrict blood flow
  • Vacuum-sealed packaging; X-ray compatible


  • NSN: 6510-01-460-0849
  • Expanded Size: 4" x 13.5'
  • Pad Size: 4" x 7"
  • Packaged Size: 6-3/8" x 5"
  • Weight: 3.5 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Evelyn Wright
Outstanding - very compact- excellent product!

Of all the Israeli type bandages Ive seen, and Im familiar with about six different brands, this is by far the best. The packaging is very compact, the best Ive seen. When youre packing a first aid kit for EDC, size matters and this one takes first prize. Expiration date is out six years, also best Ive seen. Price was very reasonable. I usually write fairly long reviews, but this one is easily summed up in just six words: Very highly recommended, buy this product.

Lily Taylor
Looks good

Havent needed to use yet, but are in kit ready

Zoe Mitchell
Vacuum sealed

Haven't had to use it and definitely hope I never have too. Compact and vacuum sealed for easy storage. I have a few of these. Bug out bag, EDC bag and also wear in my ifak on my battlebelt

Samuel Scott
Great pressure bandage

I purchased several of these, and I opened one of them up to teach someone how to use it. The bandage was good quality and well sewn. It was also very stretchy, and it allowed for secure and tight wrapping around the simulated wound.

Henry Hall
Genuine product, fast shipping

These are not knockoffs, but genuine products. And the lowest price I could find online. Superfast shipping. On the top of all that, produced less than a year ago, so with the expiry date of 8 years, it's October 2029! It's good to know I've got new products usable for so many years ahead, though I hope I'll never need to use them.