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QuikClot Gauze – 3″ x 2′ - Pack of 3

by ViTAC
SKU 413

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With QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze, you have the power to stop bleeding in the palm of your hand. Tested and proven through years of combat use by the U.S. Military, QuikClot can be depended on to save time when every second counts. The hemostatic gauze works on contact to stop bleeding by accelerating your body's natural clotting process, clotting blood five times faster.

QuikClot Gauze is impregnated with kaolin, a naturally occurring mineral proven to be effective as a hemostatic agent. Inorganic and inert, kaolin is non-allergenic, making it safe and effective to use. This extremely absorbent 3" x 24" gauze is flexible and pliable, easily contouring to wounds. Make QuikClot a part of your trauma pack or first aid kit so you're prepared when emergencies occur.

  • Stop Bleeding Fast - Control bleeding with QuikClot® hemostatic gauze, which acts on contact to stop bleeding five times faster. The gauze is impregnated with kaolin, a mineral that accelerates your body's natural clotting process.
  • Trusted by Professionals - Choose the hemostatic agent with years of proven effectiveness in combat and recommended by Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines for use by all branches of the US military.
  • Safe & Effective - Apply QuikClot® Gauze without fear. Kaolin is an inert, non-allergen mineral demonstrated to be an effective clotting agent that contains no botanicals and no animal or human proteins.
  • Easy to Use - Act quickly with confidence in emergencies. QuikClot Clotting Gauze easily conforms to wounds – simply position the gauze over the source of the bleeding and apply pressure.
  • Portable & Convenient - Be prepared wherever you go with this lightweight, extremely compact hemostatic dressing. Add it to your trauma kit, glove box, emergency medical kit, range bag, first responder kit, or purse.
  • Size: 4.5" x 0.5" x 5"
  • Weight: 0.02 oz.
  • Quantity: Pack of 3

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Jackson Martinez
    It works

    If you're on blood thinners or anti-coagulants, throw a couple of these in your fishing tackle box or first aid kit. Bouncing around in a boat trying to cut bait can provide the opportunity for a bad cut. This will stop the leakage.

    Logan Davis
    BOB Must

    Bought for any bleeding emergency. Better safe than sorry.

    Caleb Foster
    Easy peasy!

    I have been buying Quick Clot products for years to keep in various first aid kits. Never had to use one. Then a couple years ago my youngest son was cutting up a deer and cut himself on the forearm. Must have been a pretty deep cut because he couldnt stop the bleeding with direct pressure. Slapped one of the Quick Clot sponges on the wound and it stopped bleeding very quickly. A doctor visit and a couple of stitches and he was fine. Maybe you will never need it. Then again...

    Liam Bennett
    Good product, FSA paid for it

    Great addition to my first aid kit

    Dylan Carter
    Works great and cheaper than urgent care or ER

    After cutting off a piece of the tip of my finger on a deli slicer, I bought a few boxes. Had another deli slicer accident but only took off a few millimeters the second time. I wrapped the wound with QuickClot then covered in gauze and held it all down with a rubber band. The bleeding stopped in a few minutes.